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Catholic Youth Services is the Archbishop’s agency for youth and young adults within the Archdiocese of Sydney. Our mission is to walk with young people towards an ever deeper encounter with Christ, the Church and one another. We do this through three key areas:

Parish Youth Ministry. Our primary task is supporting, guiding and building up parish based youth ministry in order for young people to find communities of other young people in their parish and local area. We offer regular formation and support opportunities for parish youth ministry coordinators and those who want to move into youth leadership. We work with priests and parishes to help create, sustain or expand youth ministry at a local level. We also maintain a library of books, programs and audio visual resources which can be borrowed or used by youth leaders.

Events. We work across parishes and deaneries hosting various spiritual, social and formative events which encourage young people to know that they are not alone. Our events are open to all young people; from those very active in the faith to those who are beginning to explore the Christian message. One of our most popular events is City Silence, a weekly Holy Hour on Tuesday nights at St Mary’s Cathedral followed by a social dinner. We also put out a monthly What’s Happening newsletter highlighting a range of activities for young people across the Archdiocese and beyond.

NET Mission Team. For over ten years the Archdiocese has hosted a mission team made up of young Catholics keen to spread the Gospel. The primary work of our National Evangelisation Team (NET) is animating school retreat days but they also work in universities, parishes and at a host of major Archdiocesan initiatives. We are always on the lookout for young people in Sydney who would be willing to give a year to being part of a mission team.

Catholic Youth Services is an active and vibrant agency of the Archdiocese. We are at the service of the parishes, groups, movements and young people of Sydney. We are always open to receiving ideas and feedback and we love to have visitors at our offices in Homebush (we make really good coffee)!

Our Team

Emma O’Shea

Emma O’Shea

Events Coordinator

Emma, originally from the beautiful Coffs Harbour moved to Sydney in 2007 to attend The University at Notre Dame, where she studied Film and Theatre which led to her involvement with Artes Christi Performing Arts. She directed the family favourite Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat in 2011 and in 2012 directed the sold out season of Fiddler on the Roof. For the past 4 years she has helped coordinate events such as Christmas in the City Local Tours and last year their first Christmas in the City: European Tour.

Emma previously worked for Nikon Australia in sales and ran training workshops around the country. She assisted with Nikon’s involvement in Tropfest, help coordinate the launch of the new Nikon 1 platform and organise the Sales and Marketing conferences. After 3 years at Nikon however, she still is a mediocre photographer…

Emma joined Catholic Youth Services in June 2013 and in that time has overseen events including the WYD2013 commissioning Mass, “The Rio Experience”, “Evenings with Pope Francis”, “Deanery of Origin – RAW Challenge” and the hugely popular “Dating & Degustation”. She also coordinates the priests, singers and servers every single week for City Silence (and still keeps smiling).


The Catholic Youth Services logo is designed to demonstrate that our agency – and all that we do with schools, parishes, youth and young adults – is on a tangent towards our Lord Jesus Christ.

This journey towards Christ is one that never ends, we all find ourselves at different places, and we invite young people to join us from wherever they are at that time. Catholic Youth Services in all its outreach activities – social, spiritual or formative – seeks to support and guide youth and young adults towards an ever deeper encounter with Christ, with themselves and with the Church.

The most striking aspect of the logo is the face of Christ. Perhaps surprisingly the face of Christ is not commonly used in Christian logos; more often we see crosses, doves, lights etc. We chose this face (drawn by a young Catholic woman in Sydney) because we believe that the face of Christ, in a unique way, speaks directly to the heart. Before Christ took up his cross, he walked upon the earth and he invited young men and women to follow him. We know from the Scriptures that many of them left everything at that very moment to do so. What those first followers encountered 2000 years ago was the face of Christ, and it is that face that we wish to re-present in a simple yet striking way.

The face is surrounded by a stylised halo, the iconographic symbol for sanctity. The halo is inspired by the ancient mosaic of Christ Pantocrator from Hagia Sophia – Church of the Holy Wisdom of God – which served for almost one thousand years as one of the most beautiful Christian Churches in the world. Including the halo in the logo affirms that Jesus is more than a prophet or a good man; he is the Christ who definitively said of himself, “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6).

The fonts and colours of the logo have been chosen as they are simple and fresh. The work of Catholic Youth Services is to take the ancient faith and showcase it in a way that speaks to each new generation. Like the Christian journey, it is a task that is ever constant.

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